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Substitution car

We put to your complete disposition a useful substitution car in Manfredonia in order to facilitate your transfers when your vehicle is stopped at our shop for the reparations. The substitutive car is released for every typology of reparation up to the delivery of the repaired vehicle. If you had unluckily involved in a road accident or if your car needs to be repaired for a damage to the body we can however handle your mobility during such period.
Auto di cortesia Manfredonia
Availability towards every client

In the case in which your auto needs an effective reparation, we have substitutive car in order to resolve such drawback. We offer you so an optimal solution for solving every problem of mobility. Besides we can agree for a rental. We are in such sense a valid point of reference for all of our clients that need to rent a car in short time from 1 day up to 1 month. For the rental you must necessarily have the credit card. Come to find us in the center to know all the details of such services.
Rent a car

We offer a service of short time substitutive car to rental from one up to thirty days with facilitated rates. Such service allows you to have a fit auto in order to be easily able to move in the city and in suburban areas. This availability is turned to those people that are temporarily without a car but want however to have a utonomy for the mobility. We know well that to be without a car can become a true uneasiness. The car is precious for facing daily the various job appointments or free time.