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Reparation body shop

We carry out all the types of reparation body shop of the car in Manfredonia. We propose for every job to perform free quotes in order to inform you about the expense to face. We deal with private, companies and public corporate body. We operate on all the types of cars of national and international brand. We perform impeccable reparations of the body of your car and your commercial van. Our workmanships are both for the inside part of the car and for that outside, and in metal, plastics or resin. Generally after every reparation we also handle the painting of the auto. The paintings are performed in the special boxes and the gotten result guarantees quality and efficiency.
Riparazione carrozzeria Manfredonia

The services of reparation body shop are performed in different passages: preparation, painting and finishing touch. In the phase of preparation the pieces of the car are gotten off and corresponded for making the surface to paint smooth and homogeneous.
The painting is the cornerstone phase of the procedure. This is all handmade thanks to the aid of a gun that distributes the color in uniform way on the whole surface to treat.
To this point the pieces of the car is passed in oven for a fast drying, also made this way thanks to the use of infrared lights.

The polish: car detailing

Once completed the phase of drying, the treated pieces are reassembled and finished up with the polish. The all happens keeping in mind the smallest details. After your car has made impeccable we pass to the complete washing. For the polish we use a specific professional equipment.
We complete the polish of your car with hand finishing touch. For the most impassioned of car detailing we handle polish of the body with polishing machines bearing regulation of rotorbital speed that allows to eliminate any sign.
Riparazione carrozzeria Manfredonia
Spotlight polishing

The opacity of the headlights affects all cars exposed for a long time to atmospheric agents or treated with products that are too aggressive. In fact, matted headlamps, in addition to aging the car, compromise visibility as the shells, which are not perfectly transparent, reduce the passage of the light emitted by the bulbs. The Mingerulli Carrozzeria offers a professional restoration service. What distinguishes a professional restoration from a DIY restoration is restoring the original layer of transparent paint protected by the polycarbonate cover so that we can guarantee the durability of our service.
Replacing Crystals

The Autocarrozzeria Mingerulli offers a professional service for removing and installing crystals. Thanks to professional equipment and a qualified manpower, you can get full replacement of windscreen and rear window covers for every brand and car model. Car repairs and replacements for the car are guaranteed by the Mingerulli car body.