Autocarrozzeria Mingerulli Graziano

Autocarrozzeria Mingerulli Graziano



Our history


Our Autocarrozzeria is born at the end of the '60 years thanks to the idea of Giuseppe Mingerulli, for a long time impassioned of auto. In the years '80 Graziano, actual holder and child of Giuseppe, begun to follow the tracks of his father beginning to specialize in the sector. The Autocarrozzeria Mingerulli Graziano in Manfredonia is so the fruit of years of experience within the reparations of cars. We have put on a functional and precise activity, in order to answer to all the unforeseen events that can happen on your vehicle and guaranteeing you safety and efficiency.

The second generation of body shop repairmen

In 1994 Graziano begins to work side by side with hisfather and then he replaces him. The generational change happens handing down from father in child the professionalism and the experience. Graziano possesses a wide knowledge and a long experience in the car sector.


Our points of strength

What characterises our activity are surely the times used in the resolution of the problem that we face. In fact, we always redeliver the car in the times planned with the client. Honesty, quality of our products and the ability of problem-solving allows us to fully satisfy our clients' expectations.
Besides, the availability with which we operate is very appreciated by those people who also ask for home assistance or in the non-working days.
We are open from 8:00 A.M. to 01:30 P.M. and from 03:00 to the 07:00, at our shop in Manfredonia. On Saturday we are open only in the morning. As payment we accept cash, bancomat and credit cards.