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At the Autocarrozzeria Mingerulli Graziano we handle any type of reparation of the body of cars or commercial vehicles.
Our Autocarrozzeria at Manfredonia is qualified for bringing effective reparations both to the inside and to the external of your vehicle. We also effect paintings for parts in resin, plastics and metal. The painting in the special boxes is performed for results of great quality. Besides we also perform the substitution of anterior, back and side glasses. We prepare, for those people that apply for it, a substitutive auto, in order to allow to easily move when the car is stopped.
Our services:
  • Reparations of the body
  • Substitution windows
  • Professional polish
  • Painting of cars




We are settled with important insurance companies which address us clients in case of reparation subsequent to accident. The insurance companies that deal with our services are the Allianz and Unipol Sai. We also offer the service of car recovery: we will come to recover your car in case of accident, carrying it in shop for the reparation. Once you effect reparations and painting of the car we continue with the washing, in order to guarantee a functional delivery and cleaning up. We mend or we replace, besides, damaged lights and alloy-rims.




For the impassioned ones of car detailing we handle polish of the body with polishing machines bearing regulation of rotorbital speed that allows to eliminate any imperfection.
We use several tools among which welders for aluminum, for steel, for iron-silicon and point welders. We have besides infrared lamps that allow us dryings in reduced times.
We use the spot to mend the small deformed parts of the body and the matching desk for big jobs on cars having accidents. We have available a colorimetric system for water varnishes and an optic reader to notice the exact color to use.
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